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Training Program

Having served as an Image Consultant, Beauty Pageant Judge, and Coach in public and private sectors, Ms. Dennis has worked with young ladies from all walks of life. Applying her knowledge in these vast arenas, she seeks to assist young ladies (ages 7 - 21 years of age) in learning to put their best foot forward in a society where social graces seem obsolete. It is her sincere desire to renew the art of "Social Grace" and "Manners".

To this end, Ms. Dennis has created a training program in both etiquette and pageant coaching to best assist young ladies in being prepared to meet the world. Whether it is for a job interview, debutante ball, beauty pageant, and/or everyday life, these classes can help make a positive impact; creating a well-rounded young lady with poise, grace, and elegance...revealing her beauty both inside and out.

At the conclusion of training, students will have gained keys to success in competitions, career choices, interpersonal relationship, and in life!

Training Sessions are available for groups or privately for individuals.

Etiquette Training

Grooming for Greatness

Proper Handshake

Making Eye Contact

Selecting Proper Attire

Dressing Like a Lady

Exhibiting Good Body Language

Selling Yourself

Resume & Portfolio Building

How to Handle Anxiety

Thank You Notes

Interview Follow-Up

How to Give

and Receive Compliments

Dating Rules/Safety

Proper Table Talk


Personal Style

Cell Phone Etiquette

How to Interact Properly

on Social Media

Pageant Coaching & Consulting

for local preliminaries, state competitions, or national competitions

Pageant Walk

Proper Posture

Foot Positioning

Timing of Turns

Stage Presence


Interview Preparation

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